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dating tips

Hiding an ongoing affair or showing off money even though one is bare are of course fat lies that should be taboo.

The attempt to appear cultured and sporty is made by many by mentioning appropriate leisure activities. Men who actually gamble on the console for hours instead of sweating in the gym rarely admit it right away. Women also like to be sporty and interested in current topics, even if they prefer to watch make-up videos on YouTube instead of the daily news.

When it comes to past sex partners, women in particular often turn the number down. Men try to assess their counterpart and make it dependent on how much they reveal. Portraying yourself as Casanova is rarely well received, but some gentlemen still make this mistake and brag about their conquests.

A bit of flattery is okay, and you don’t necessarily have to say it’s your third date this month. If the past candidates have been crossed off the list, nobody needs to know why. Unless you want to highlight the other person: You can name the best date you’ve ever had that too.

Especially when it comes to online dating, the situation can arise where several interesting candidates report at once. Mentioning the overlap is not that important as long as you are making quick decisions. Continued parallel dating is not recommended and may be unfair to the other person.

After bad experiences or a breakup, many have lost confidence a little. Anyone who sometimes nostalgically thinks of a past partnership seldom admitted that straight away. This is not necessary either. However, one should be careful with people who idealize the former partner, as reality can rarely keep up.

Apart from what you prefer to keep quiet, there is also a lot that you can definitely tell. At the very front there are funny anecdotes, because those who make others laugh generate sympathy. Having fun together loosens the mood and makes getting to know each other more informal. At this early point in time you shouldn’t put everything on the gold scales, but rather first determine whether you like the other at all.

Everything is easier with a sense of humor and that has nothing to do with whether or not you have serious intentions. A good first date flirt can only happen in a casual atmosphere. Longer eye contact, a fleeting touch dragging on: one should start with a small gesture if one feels drawn to one another. Compliments are definitely welcome.

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