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dating tips

If you both like to play games, plan a game night or talk about which one you enjoy playing most. If you notice that the other person cannot be enthusiastic about your passion, do not hold a monologue about it. Your speech should be roughly the same so that nobody feels disadvantaged. An example would be: You are enthusiastic about handball and would like to talk about the championships, but you notice that your counterpart cannot say anything about it and seems rather bored. Find a clue in the conversation so that it can spread and you can pick up other topics (for example your fear of balls when you were little).

Tell about little secrets or ticks that make you stand out and that your date would probably have found out much later. For example, that you are afraid of the dark, of spiders or clowns, or that every time you eat something, you leave a little bit on your plate, regardless of whether you are still hungry or not. Such statements about yourself are not only surprisingly honest, but also leave room for little jokes. In addition, your date may even feel compelled to share something about his / her fears or tics. So you get to know each other really well at the first meeting and build a bond faster.

Reports of funny or extraordinary experiences that happened to you, your family or your friends. Make sure to tell things that are really interesting and on the basis of which you can build a conversation. Have you ever thought you saw a ghost or did something embarrassing happen to you at work? People who can laugh at themselves always seem more personable. In addition, the date is loosened up immediately, as it is no longer just about impressing the other.

Show where you come from and what defines you. For most singles, it is important to know whether the date is on their level in terms of family and friends. In terms of the future, it would certainly be difficult if one spends a lot of time with loved ones and the other focuses his life only on his partner. When you talk about the character traits of your friends or family members, you always reveal something about yourself. In addition, it is much more personable than just talking about yourself.

If you’re talking about the clichéd subject of weather, relate it directly to what you love to do most in weather like this. A simple “Did you order the weather?” is unlikely to impress anyone.

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