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dating tips

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Many singles have not yet found a partner because their expectations are too detailed. Those who have fewer demands will be happy much faster. Because a partner is not a car that you can easily configure. Because when looking for a partner, you should also be interested in the interests of the other and not just look at yourself.

Shyness is not a weakness, but a character trait! And yet: you look each other in the eye and suddenly everything you should say is gone. Or you don’t even dare to speak to someone. You could fit together so well. It just takes a little practice!

Fake profiles are widespread in dating sites and dating agencies. There are many reasons. It doesn’t always have to be the classic fake. Above all, dubious partner portals want to boast that they have many members. Here you can find out how you can recognize them and protect yourself from them.

The hardest part – the first date – is over. The sympathy is right, you want to see each other again. But the second date also needs to be well prepared, after all, you don’t know each other too well. Is the first kiss appropriate on the second date? Or maybe even a more intimate relationship is now the trend?

The first date is announced. A serious handshake looks relatively official, a warm hug is premature. If you bring flowers as a man, it can seem quite intimate, and what should the woman actually give the man – or to put it another way: is the present appropriate on the first date?

Friendship is beautiful and doesn’t need sex. But sex with a friend can intensify the relationship if the communication is right. However, you have to pay attention to a few rules so that it doesn’t turn into a drama!

Dating experts advise moving away from the question of “sex or not sex”. Sex may or may not occur. One thing is important, namely to free yourself from the fear that there will be sex or no sex. At the first meeting, other topics are more important.

You can avoid the embarrassing silence on the date if you know the simplest tricks of the experts. Did you know, for example, that the question about a hobby usually ends in a dead end and is not recommended by dating experts?

When women are unfaithful to their partner in a relationship and cheat on them, the reasons are usually different from those of men.

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