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Online dating is becoming more and more popular and women in particular are often on the lookout for suitable tips for virtual dating. In this practical tip, we reveal five tips that you as a woman should definitely consider when dating on the Internet.

Probably the most important point is that you are always honest and natural when dating online. This is the only way for your counterpart to get to know you best.

Therefore, never present yourself as you are not. So don’t make yourself taller, narrower or more interesting than you actually are. Stand by yourself and show yourself for who you are. Only then will you attract the right people.

Always remember that when you are online dating you are dealing with real people, so don’t say anything that you wouldn’t say in real life.

When dating online, women tend to post photos online that either no longer correspond to reality or that have been given a lot of help.

But also with the photos it is important to look natural. You should therefore post photos online that you show, for example, during hobbies. Try not to post anything or to edit too much on the photo. That backfires on the date at the latest.

Also, make sure to use recent photos and not the ones that made you look so wonderfully slim after a diet. That is quickly noticed negatively. It is best to add several and different photos to the profile.

You should also avoid showing too much skin or posing particularly erotically. That usually looks ridiculous and you also end up in a drawer very quickly and attract the wrong men.

You should not write your address or the like in your profile when you are online dating, but a profile that is not filled out is meaningful.

So tell your counterpart about yourself, tell them about hobbies, your job or your pets and children, if you have them. Don’t try to gloss over anything and describe yourself for who you are.

However, do not go into too much detail on any topic. On the one hand, a detailed profile can be a deterrent, on the other hand, your counterpart should only get an impression. You can then clarify everything else in a conversation.

As a woman, you shouldn’t just leave your online data there. Get to know your counterpart if they are interested.

First of all, it is therefore advisable to make a phone call or communicate via webcam. If you are personable, you can move on to a meeting.

But don’t let yourself be rushed and arrange a meeting in a public place. Also, make your intentions clear before the meeting so that there are no misunderstandings.

When dating online, many women wait for one of the men to answer. This often happens because there tend to be more women than men – but it is not always recommended.

If you like someone, you should contact them yourself. It may be that the person hasn’t discovered you at all and then you can wait forever.

Especially if you are not so satisfied with the men you are writing to, do your own research. After all, you yourself know best what you want.

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